How to Swap BRC20?

DotSwap V2 on OKX!

You can now use DotSwap V2 on mobile with your OKX App!

There are several ways to access DotSwap on Mobile, but you will need to create or import a Bitcoin wallet with OKX Web3 App (download here):

On mobile browser:

  1. Visit on your browser

  2. Tap Connect and OKX Wallet, then you will be redirected to OKX App


  1. Change your OKX App mode to Wallet

  2. Open Discover tab

  3. Tap "Search..." and type in "DotSwap"

Alternatively, you can find "DotSwap" under "Explore – DEX – Bitcoin Network", or simply enter the url

In your group chat/Twitter DMs:

We don't recommend clicking links in group chats or from any unknown source, but if you insist on doing so:

  1. Open the link in your group chat, double check that the link is indeed the same as

  2. Tap "···", and select Open with Browser. (Or simply open it if it's in Twitter DMs.)

  3. Tap Connect Wallet, and you will be redirected to OKX App

Connecting your wallet

  1. Tap Connect or Connect Wallet

  2. Tap OKX Wallet

  3. The "Successfully connected" pop-up text indicates you've connected your wallet; you can also see your connected wallet's address displayed on the top-right corner.

Start Swapping

  1. Choose the direction of your swap (BTC -> BRC20/BRC20 -> BTC)

  2. Enter your swap amount, double check the amount of BTC/DSWP you're paying or getting

  3. Adjust slippage and network fee rate to your need

  4. Tap Swap

  5. Tap Confirm to sign the transaction

For more actions, go visit on your PC, read more 👇

DotSwap V2

How do I swap BRC20s on DotSwap V2?

  1. Navigate to Swap V2 on the top of the DotSwap homepage;

  2. Connect your wallet;

  3. Select the BTC/BRC20 tokens you wish to swap;

  4. Enter the amount you wish to swap;

  5. Click swap and wait for the transaction to be confirmed on-chain.

  6. Your swapped BRC20s/BTC will appear in your wallet once confirmed.

Deposits of BTC/BRC20 is no longer needed on DotSwap V2.

BRC20 tokens need to be transferrable to be swapped.

Swap service fees: 0.6%

When will the BRC20/BTC arrive after swap?

Your every swap will be recorded on-chain, therefore there's the need to wait for them to be confirmed on the BTC blockchain. Your BTC/BRC20 will arrive in your wallet after the transactions that contains your assets are confirmed.

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