Runes AMM


As the pioneering team to launch the first layer-one BTC-native AMM (Automated Market Maker) Swap, DotSwap has successfully integrated the AMM model into the Runes protocol.

With the Runes AMM Swap functionality provided by DotSwap, users can freely exchange between BTC and Runes assets at any time and in any amount. The introduction of Runes AMM Swap has not only enriched the liquidity of Runes assets but also significantly enhanced the trading experience, providing more efficient services for users.

Improved Liquidity

An AMM model allows you to swap between Runes and BTC in any amount at any time, which is a great improvement compared to traditional order book markets common in the BTC DeFi ecosystem.

Open and Inclusive Participation

Any user can become a liquidity provider (LP) by depositing assets into the pool and earning transaction fees as a reward, thus democratizing the participation in market-making.

Enhanced Security

The latest iteration, Version V3, of DotSwap includes an upgraded multisig scheme. In partnership with renowned asset custodian and computational service provider Safeheron, this feature greatly enhances the security of assets within the liquidity pools, ensuring the safety of every transaction on DotSwap.


The Runes AMM Swap marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading platforms, merging accessibility with advanced security measures to cater to both new and experienced traders. This innovative approach invites users to experience a more fluid, efficient, and secure trading environment.

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