Runes Minting/Etching

DotSwap Runes Minting Tool:

DotSwap introduces a revolutionary tool in the Runes ecosystem: a zero-fee Runes minting and etching tool. This innovative service offers an unparalleled smooth and trouble-free experience for creating and customizing your Runes assets.

Advantages of Using the Zero-Fee Runes Minting/Etching Tool

  • Zero Fees: Unlike other platforms that may charge for token creation or customization, our tool allows users to mint and etch Runes without any associated fees, reducing the cost of asset creation and increasing accessibility for all users.

  • Simplified Process: The tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind, providing a straightforward interface that guides you through the minting or etching process step-by-step.

  • High Efficiency: Enjoy the fast and efficient creation of Runes, with immediate results and no delays. The tool is optimized to handle high volumes of transactions without compromising on speed or quality.

  • Customization: Etching allows users to add unique identifiers or properties to their Runes, enhancing the personalization of assets within the DotSwap ecosystem.

The Zero-Fee Runes Minting and Etching Tool by DotSwap is an essential utility for anyone looking to engage with the Runes protocol, offering cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and high performance. Join the community of users who are leveraging this tool to innovate and expand their digital asset portfolios.

Minting Modes

The Runes minting tool offers three distinct minting modes, each tailored to different user needs:

Fast Mode

  • Capacity: Up to 25 mint transactions per UTXO, with a maximum of 1000 mints.

  • Batching: All mint transactions are immediately broadcasted in a single batch and will be confirmed within 1 block (given a sufficiently high fee rate).

  • Acceleration: RBF acceleration (unlimited) and CPFP acceleration is supported.

Cheap Mode

  • Capacity: Up to 1000 mint transactions per UTXO, with no limit on the number of UTXOs required.

  • Batching: Mint transactions are broadcasted in two batches:

    • Batch 1: Up to 25 mint transactions.

    • Batch 2: The remaining mint transactions.

  • Blocks Required:

    • ≤25 mints: At least 1 block

    • >25 mints: At least 2 blocks (with a high enough fee rate).

  • Features:

    • Unbroadcasted batches can be manually cancelled and refunded.

    • Invalid mints (detected by our indexer) will be automatically broadcasted and refunded.

  • Acceleration: RBF acceleration (unlimited) and CPFP acceleration is supported.

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