How to Provide Liquidity?

How do I create liquidity pools on DotSwap V2?

  1. Navigate to Pools V2 on the top of the DotSwap homepage;

  2. Connect your wallet;

  3. Select the BTC/BRC20 pair you wish to add liquidity for;

  4. Enter the liquidity amount;

  5. Click Add Liquidity and wait for the transaction to be confirmed on-chain.

If there's no existing liquidity pool for the pair you're adding liquidity to, such pool will be automatically created.

Liquidity providers will be rewarded with 0.5% of swap service fees and $DSWP — DotSwap's goverance tokens.

How do I add liquidity for BRC20/BRC20 pairs on DotSwap V2?

BRC20/BRC20 pairs are not yet supported on V2. You can navigate back to DotSwap V1 to add liquidity or swap on BRC20/BRC20 pools.

Do I need to deposit to swap on DotSwap V2?

There's no longer a need for depositing BTC or BRC20 to swap on DotSwap V2. You can directly swap using the BTC and BRC20 in your wallet, and all swaps will be strictly on BTC and adhering to the BRC20 protocol.

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