Feature Updates

The latest feature updates on DotSwap

Jan 25

Jan 22

  • Owners Chart:
    • These amounts are now categorized and displayed:
      • On-chain amount.
      • V1 balance + pooled amount (tokens in DotSwap V1 balance and tokens provided for liquidity pools).
      • Vote-escrowed amount (tokens locked up through DotDAO).
  • Document updates:

Jan 19

  • Support for ARC20 liquidity/swap on DotSwap V1.

Jan 17

  • Document updates:
    • Corrected typos throughout this document.

Jan 9

Jan 8

Jan 5

  • Document updates:
    • Recognition (New page):
      • Showcases the opinions of world-renowned media outlets, fellow builders and influencers regarding DotSwap.
      • Expresses DotSwap's gratitude towards them for sharing their thoughts.
    • Team:

December 27

  • OKX Wallet App integration:
  • Whitepaper document updates:
    • Fixed a couple wording mistakes throughout this document.
    • Changed the wording in $DSWP Tokenomics to truly reflect the amount of $DSWP in circulation.

December 16

  • Improved Token Details:
    • Circulating market caps and supplies are displayed in Token Information.
  • Better URLs:
    • Each trading pair will now have its own URL, making it easier to share or bookmark.
  • Better Swap Records and More:
    • These 2 fields are changed to "Pay" & "Receive".
    • More explanations in the TXID fields.
    • V1 transactions are now tagged, along with an explanation.

December 15

  • $DSWP price chart is displayed on the DotSwap home page on mobile.
  • Optimized UTXO selection (faster loading time for BTC balance and available BRC20 transfers).
  • Server upgrades.

December 7

    • BTC-native BRC20 swaps (no deposits/withdrawals).
    • Every swap transaction will be on-chain (no roll-ups or centralized sequencer).
    • Subsequently, no inherent front-running risks.

November 14

  • Home Page: TVLs, trading volumes and more data are now displayed.
  • Pool:
    • Liquidity pool sizes are now displayed.
    • Support for BRC20-BRC20 liquidity pools.
  • Swap:
    • Token details are now displayed.
    • The market floor price of the swapped token is displayed in a price chart.
    • Minimum received swap amount is now calculated and displayed.
    • Support for BRC20-BRC20 swaps.
  • Support for XVerse Wallet.
  • Other optimizations:
    • Depositing: The option to deposit multiple tokens in one transaction is now supported.
    • Inscribing: optimized inscribing experience.

September 11, DotSwap V1 (A Legacy Solution)

TL;DR: To achieve a high TPS and low-fees transaction, we have built a off-chain swap with secured public multi-sig address asset pool.
All the BTC/BRC20 assets and reserves that are used to add liquidity will be safely stored in a public multi-sig BTC address, with on-demand withdraw access at anytime. All the LP rewards and DAO governance funds will also be stored in the same manner, with a release schedule strictly tied with BTC blocks.
Then all the swaps will be processed off-chain, rendering high TPS and low fees as advantages.
The DotSwap team will also provide a 100% guaranteed BTC reserves for all users funds. We will also release all the addresses for public inspection.