DotSwap DAO

The mission and structure of DotSwap DAO.

The core of DotSwap's mission is to promote a decentralized and community-driven platform in the BTC ecosystem. To achieve this, we've designed the DotSwap Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a robust governance model.

DotSwap DAO

The DotSwap DAO is the embodiment of our commitment to decentralization. It serves as the cornerstone of our protocol, ensuring that the power to shape the future of DotSwap rests in the governance exercised by the DAO members. Important decisions such as reward distribution, protocol updates, fee structures, partnerships and DAO treasury management, are all decided through the proposal and voting governance model.

The DAO is designed to promote transparency, empower our community, and foster a sense of shared ownership and active participation.

Proposal Cases:

DAO members play a pivotal role in steering the growth of DotSwap and its community. Here are some key ways in which DAO members can leverage their voting power:

LP Rewards

One of the key areas where DAO members can exercise their voting power is in determining Liquidity Provider (LP) rewards.

In the DotSwap tokenomics model, a substantial allocation (22%) is reserved for LP reward B, specifically for liquidity providers of selected pairs. The distribution of these $DSWP tokens is determined by the community through proposals and voting.

DAO members can use their voting power to determine which trading pairs should receive LP rewards. This incentivizes liquidity for the pairs they deem most valuable. This mechanism also aims to reward optimal performance and foster a thriving BRC20 ecosystem.

Additional cases include (but are not limited to):

  1. Staking Rewards: DAO members can propose adjustments to staking rewards, optimizing incentives for long-term holders and active participants in the DotSwap ecosystem.

  2. Governance Parameters: DAO members can propose changes to the governance parameters, such as the minimum amount of $DSWP required to submit a proposal, the duration of voting periods, and the percentage of votes required for a proposal to pass. This empowers the community to refine the governance process over time.

  3. Protocol Upgrades: Proposals for significant protocol upgrades or changes, including the introduction of new features, integration with other protocols, or modifications to the protocol's core mechanics, can be made. Collective decision-making ensures the protocol evolves to best serve the community.

  4. Fee Structure: DAO members have the authority to propose changes to the DotSwap fee structure. This could involve adjusting transaction fees or altering the distribution of fees among LPs and the treasury, ensuring the economic balance within the DotSwap ecosystem is maintained.

  5. Treasury Management: The DAO supervises the management of the DotSwap treasury. Proposals can be made regarding the allocation of treasury funds, whether for development, marketing, partnerships, or other initiatives that can boost the growth of the DotSwap ecosystem.

  6. Partnership: DAO members can propose potential collaborations with other blockchain entities, fintech firms, or crypto exchanges. Each proposal would detail the prospective partner's strengths, potential synergies, and the benefits anticipated from the partnership. This way, DAO members can evaluate and vote on these proposals, ensuring that every decision aligns with the collective interest of the DotSwap DAO.

Governance Token

The $DSWP token is the governance token of the DotSwap. It can be acquired through various means, including participating in Whitelist events, IDO events, or obtaining from LP Rewards.

$DSWP token holders could then participate in the governance of the platform. They can lock in their tokens to receive veDSWP tokens, which is a representation of their voting power, thus enabling them to participate in the governance of DotSwap through proposals and voting.


In essence, the DotSwap DAO and governance model is a testament to our belief in decentralized decision-making and community ownership, which is still under-represented in the BTC ecosystem. It is our commitment to ensuring that DotSwap remains a platform dedicated to every BRC20 traders and the BTC ecosystem.

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