What is DotSwap and why you should use it.
Introducing DotSwap — the fastest BRC20 swap with a fully functioning AMM and liquidity pools.

Why Choose DotSwap?

Swap BRC20 natively on BTC

DotSwap V2 also ensures that all the BRC20 swaps will be executed strictly on BTC L1 and adhering to the BRC20 protocols. This is made possible by cleverly designed PSBTs, which further cuts down on network fees and transaction speed.

Enhanced liquidity through the AMM model

The AMM model employed by DotSwap ensures enhanced liquidity by utilizing liquidity pools.
User can contribute their BTC and BRC20 tokens to the liquidity pools for everyone else to trade, which will in turn generate trading fees that can be eventually paid out to all liquidity providers.
This model, in addition to the LP Rewards model of the governance token $DSWP, not only offers incentives for liquidity providers but also reduces slippage and guarantees the continuous availability of liquidity for trading.

Funds are secure

DotSwap guarantees 100% reserve of BTC and BRC20 assets. Furthermore, all BTC funds and BRC20 in the asset/liquidity pool are securely stored in a multi-sig address, ensuring the safety of users' assets.

Access to a wide range of BRC20 tokens

DotSwap allows users to create liquidity pools for any valid BRC20 tokens, providing access to a diverse range of BRC20 tokens for trading and investment purposes.

Data Visualization

TVLs, liquidity pool sizes, price charts... DotSwap brings a variety of data and charts to enhance your BRC20 trading experiences.

Try DotSwap now!

DotSwap is a cutting-edge BRC20 token swap platform that offers fast and seamless token exchanges, leveraging a fully functioning Automated Market Maker (AMM) and liquidity pools. Swap now and enjoy its low fee (0.6%) trading and polished liquidity feature.
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